Caring For Your Jewellery

As with all things, over time and through day to day use jewellery can begin to show signs of wear. However if you store your jewellery correctly and regularly maintain it, then you can help reduce the signs of wear.

With most metals including silver, gold and platinum the easiest way to maintain and clean them is with lukewarm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. To encourage that extra bit of sparkle you can leave the item to soak for a while. Using a soft brush such as a toothbrush, gently brush the jewellery to remove any marks or residue. Avoid using hard bristled brushes as these could leave scratches on the surface of your jewellery. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry clean with a cloth.

Silver jewellery can tarnish, become dull or grey over time but this can easily be rectified with a polishing cloth. It is also an option to use silver polish to help clean your silver items, however we recommend that its use is occasional as it is a strong compound that can be detrimental to your jewellery. If you do use it, make sure all residue is thoroughly cleaned off. Frequent light cleanings are preferable to maintaining your jewellery. Gold items also benefit from the occasional use of a polishing cloth to give them a shine. Polishing clothes are available at Jewellery By.

Please take extra care cleaning items with gemstones as cleaning requirements could vary depending on the stone.

Try to avoid exposing your jewellery to chemicals such as household cleaning products, chlorine and if possible products such as toiletries, perfumes and body creams. Some ingredients in these items can discolour or damage your jewellery.

When cleaning leather products, avoid contact with water and do not wash with any household cleaning products. If your item does get wet allow it to dry naturally. It is best to use a very soft and dry cloth to clean leather. Leather conditioner can be used on occasion and can help keep the leather soft, supple and restore oils and protect against stains.

Avoid wearing your jewellery during activities such as gardening or exercising as they can be knocked or scratched which can mishape or damage your jewellery.

Try to store your jewellery individually in its packaging or in a jewellery box in a dry place to avoid tarnishing and tangled chains.