Alex Monroe

The Alex Monroe Jewellery brand was established in 1987 when Alex set up his first studio in South London with the aim to make great quality, wearable jewellery, which is originally designed.
Alex’s inspiration, right from the beginning of his career has been to use nature as a metaphor or tool to pull out themes of nostalgia and Englishness, with the delicacy of a bygone age.
Alex Monroe jewellery is very personal, the hand made pieces often mean a great deal to the wearer, and Alex always designs with this is mind. The simple beauty of nature features throughout his collections, with his love of wildlife transcending into instantly wearable pieces, which are always right on-trend.
Alex’s original objectives stay true. Rather than compromise quality and have the jewellery produced in a factory, everything is still hand made in Alex’s London studios by skilled craftspeople – something of a rarity in this age of so many imports.

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