Flash Jordan

Flash Jordan Jewellery

Flash Jordan Jewellery was founded in 2001 by designers and jewellers Neil Jordan and Katie Britton-Jordan. The company started life in Neil’s granny’s garage in Derbyshire where they did work for other designers whilst building up our own collection and establishing the Flash Jordan Jewellery brand. The Flash Jordan Ladies Signature collection quickly became very popular, largely down to their unusual and innovative approach to design. They now work from thier own studio in the City’s California area.
Both Neil and Katie have a strong grounding in design and both trained in jewellery at the bench. Being from diverse educational backgrounds and not classically jewellery trained, they bring a fresh perspective to design, approaching problems from an unusual angle. Often taking the way things work in everyday life as inspiration and adapting them to be applicable to jewellery, Neil and Katie create a unique collection incorporating catches and clasps as seamlessly as possible into their designs.

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