Joanna Cave

Joanna Cave Jewellery

The Joanna Cave Jewellery brand was established after Joanna completed her studies in jewellery deisgn in London.

Joanna was brought up on a Cycladic island by her Greek mother and English father. You only have to look at the notebooks that date back to her student years in London to realise Joanna is not just a jewellery maker, she is also a contemporary artist. Scanning the world for inspiration, it could literally come from anywhere; a vintage piece of wallpaper, an old children’s book with animal illustrations or a tree down the street. Or it could be the huge gang of pets finding refuge at her Ios family home or the ancient artifacts at Santorini’s Akrotiri. She somehow manages to transform these diverse influences and inspirations into a unique sense of style, creating a sense of luxury out of simple materials and designs.

Joanna’s jewellery is made using a minimum of 90% recycled sterling silver.

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