Justin Duance

Justin Duance Jewellery

After obtaining his degree in jewellery and silversmithing from the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art in London, Justin Duance Jewellery was born and he began to explore building his own jewellery collection. He soon found that the cost of living in London was too high to start a small business in designing and making contemporary jewellery, so moved back to Newlyn in Cornwall and gradually built up his workshop.
His designs are deeply influenced by the surrounding countryside and ocean and is especially fascinated by the way they engage with each other, constantly conflicting, whilst paradoxically achieving a harmonic balance.
He designs his contemporary jewellery using a stylishly understated combination of silver or gold and non-precious materials, such as wood and resin. His love of the surrounding landscape is shown in the finished jewellery with the combination of the wood and metals giving the piece an elemental feel, or by texturing the metal in a way that creates a feeling of organic movement. This culminates in contemporary gold and silver pieces of jewellery, which change with wear in much the same way as the sea shapes the coastlines of Cornwall.
The wood in Justin’s gold and silver contemporary jewellery will change over time and with wear making each piece entirely unique and personal to the wearer.

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