Sian Elizabeth Hughes

Sian Elizabeth Hughes

Whilst studying for a degree in Jewellery and silversmithing at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, Sian Hughes Jewellery evolved to rely on simplicity and sensitivity to the materials, forms, colours and textures.

Her jewellery is subjective and takes inspiration from natural forms. Within this context she tries to incorporate the effects of the particular season and surrounding environment. Her aspiration is to create desirable and precious three-dimensional objects that can adorn the body.

She often creates pieces on instinct and judge compositions on whether they ‘feel right’. Rarely measuring a length or width, she tries to combine pieces to make a perfect balance. This leads to every piece being spontaneous and is a fresh and unpredictable way of working.

Making her jewellery by hand gives Sian enough contact with each piece to ensure the composition is correct. Character and individuality are very important to the process of designing and making, as is attention to detail.

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